JAJC Tutorial for Nimbuzz chat and download full Jabber client

Download the File

After Install JAJC, create an account first, click the   "menu" and select "tools" > "accounts" > "setup"
if you want to use it to connect to nimbuzz see a tab new tab that appearz,
content using your nimbuzz account:
- user name : YOUR JID@nimbuzz.com
- password  : YOUR PASSWORD
- server       : openfire.nimbuzz.com

next tab "connection", check "Connect by IP/hostname"
then fill with :
- server IP : openfire.nimbuzz.com
- port         : 5223
- check in Use SSL, Use SASL Login, Use Plain Text Passwords, Use Compression click OK.
After the account creation process is complete,click on the status and select online,wait a few moments to connect to nimbuzz.

Download Full xmpp sofware click

good luck...!!!

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