New Hacking Chips Zynga Poker On Facebook

hack chips poker Facebook metode Fhising
On post this time I will discuss some ways in which someone to hack chips poker on the game Zynga.
There are several ways used by someone to steal our poker chips,that is by using certain software and directly leads to target.
but I will discuss how to steal poker chips Zynga with stealing the ID and then opened her account.
this time the way that I use is to steal ID facebook someone who has a lot of chips.
how do I get some ID with chips at above-average?

  1. The first step you into the Zynga game of poker and then go on a big table,then find some players that use chips that have a facebook account many
  2. After getting the name you please go to facebook and search the name, if you have found just the ADD
  3. The next step is we'll spread some false links that we use to lure victims and get email and pasword

First please download the source code here SOURCE CODE DOWNLOAD

*Extract the file that you downloaded for the RAR format, the folder there are 4 ekstrakan results file
- request.htm
- login.php.htm
- next_login.php
- login_act.php

*Register a domain name for free, for example on or
make sure you register your domain name is unique or can be deceiving view at a glance, such

*Next list your files hostingan place on the web host free like
Of the three steps we already have the source code, domain name and web hosting to place the file. before uploading the source files into the web hosting please follow the instructions.

*Open the file in the folder login.php.htm already in the source code download
Find the line that contains the action = "" replacing the word / address with your domain name! 5. Open the file login_act.php

*Open the file login_act.php
Find the line that contains $ destination = ""; replace with your email name as a place to send the password we will target!

*Open the file next_login.php search all words / addresses replace with your domain address.
After you follow all the steps above correctly, please upload the file on your web server directory,
then setting DNS on your domain.Type the Address bar on your browser :

http://name_your_domain/request.html to send a friend request on facebook!
wait a few moments then you will get an email containing your username and password to login on facebook

if you're already adept at using this method will not hold a facebook account, an account on yahoo, gmail, or other commercial character of the account can be found easily, simply by slightly changing the source on the program.

I did this post just to know how someone stole our ID by using this method,just as learning that we are more vigilant to keep our accounts from account theft.
and like the proverb says, every action we do then we will be harvesting them someday
so use this knowledge as we are learning and not for criminal acts

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mas tolong d bahasa indonesia kan dong q gak ngerti neh,

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applikasi buat yang pengen ngintip kartu lawan di meja poker online,
cara menggunakannya juga gak pakai ribet,

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software luar yang cukup canggih untuk mendeteksi 2 kartu terakhir yang akan keluar setelah 3 kartu petama yang keluar di meja poker online,,
pergunakan dengan sebaiknya...
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